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The security situation at each business is unique, and Epic Security Solutions is prepared for them all. We will partner in caring for your premises, whether it’s a large factory or a small coffee shop. In addition to various lock systems, our commercial property locksmiths also specialize in high-tech security surveillance systems, access control systems, and anti-loitering alarms systems to keep unwanted individuals away.

Our commercial services include:

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Master Key Systems

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In businesses, master key systems simplify key management, increase security, and enable controlled access with one key to specific areas. In terms of access control and personnel and asset protection, it is a highly convenient and efficient tool.

Mailbox & Cabinet Locks

The security of confidential documents and valuables depends on locking mailboxes and cabinets. In addition to protecting critical information, such as financial and financial records, they prevent equipment or inventory theft. As a result, businesses can prevent potential losses due to theft and misuse of assets by using mailbox and cabinet locks.
If you would like to add extra security to your filing cabinet systems and office mailboxes or fix your existing system, we are here to help.
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Commercial Electronic locks

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An electronic door lock provides several advantages over traditional and critical systems for businesses seeking a reliable and secure access control system. In addition to offering enhanced security, electronic commercial door locks also eliminate the need for physical keys that are easily copied or lost. Our commercial property locksmith company provides a range of commercial electronic locks customized to meet your business’s specific needs and installed by our expert technicians.

Contact us today to learn more about our electronic door lock solutions for your business.

High-Security Locks

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We offer commercial high-security locks that are resistant to forced entry, picking, and drilling. Having a restricted keyway prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing your business.

We offer expert commercial lock installation and maintenance services to ensure long-lasting and reliable security.

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Push Bars

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Having an exit device installed on emergency exit doors is one of the most important things a business owner or commercial property manager can do. Employees and/or customers rely on these devices for egress during emergencies, so it is crucial that they are installed and working correctly at all times. Our goal at Epic Security Solutions is to ensure that every exit device on every door is operating correctly on a daily basis and is compliant with fire codes.

Anti-loitering alarms

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The installation of anti-loitering alarms is an affordable, easy, and customizable way for businesses to deter unwanted behavior, maintain security, and prevent criminal activity. These alarms emit a high-pitched sound that is unpleasant for loiterers or unwanted behavior.
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Lockout Emergencies

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Businesses can rely on our commercial lock company for emergency lockout services. Using advanced tools and techniques, our technicians gain access quickly and safely. Additionally, we provide commercial lock repair and replacement services to ensure ongoing security.

For prompt and reliable emergency lockout services, contact us today.
In addition to providing full-service commercial locksmith service, we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of security experts delivers the same level of exceptional service to businesses of every size, and we can easily scale to support your growing security requirements.


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